still imaging monitor error

still imaging monitor error

Post by Latoo » Sat, 26 Apr 2003 13:47:57

recently my canon camera (IXUS V) stopped connecting successfully to my PC
(ME) and my laptop(Win2K) posting an error "Stimon has caused an error in
KERNEL32.DLL.  Stimon will now close"  Both systems worked fine for quite
some time and the only changes I have made have been windows updates via the before we go on I have loaded a fresh HDD with winME and the
appropriate software/drivers etc and it works fine on my laptop so the
camera and the cable/software etc are fine.

Short of installing ME again I have tried uninstalling the USB driver, the
software, either and both in differing orders with no luck.  A web search
found MS kb 306393.  I followed the instructions to the luck.
All it did was make me have to reinstall my scanner driver/software
again...which works OK until I try connecting the camera, although the
button on the front no longer activates/starts the scan toolbox.  I have
checked the options in the setup and it is correctly set up.

I have extracted a new copy of stimon.exe from the cab files, no luck.

Any ideas would be appreciated..




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Hi, I have a ATI 8500 card for a while now but was only using it for
single monitor until today I tried to hook it up with a secondary
monitor. My main monitor is a SONY G420 (19") and my secondary monitor
is a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 710 (17"). After installed it and reboot,
the XP Pro found the 2nd monitor right away, but only recognized it as
a "Plug-n-Play" monitor... I then tried to search the Web to find the
specific Mitsubishi monitor driver for XP, but couldn't find any...
Anyway, the monitor seems to work fine, but when running at refresh
rate of 85hz, 1024x768 (it's a 17" monitor), the image seems to be not
very "stable" (means that it's a bit "shaky" for some reason)... it's
not that the kind of "flare" when you run a monitor at a lower refresh
rate, it's just "shaky..."

Any idea why is that? I have checked with the connections of the card
and the monitors, and updated to the newest drivers... still the same
problem. When I plug this Mitsubishi 17" monitor back to the original
Win2000 PC that I was running, it works fine, NO shaky problem

Thanks for your help!


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