vendor fax list

vendor fax list

Post by Scott Hay » Sun, 26 Feb 1995 07:54:16

This may be a broad question, but here goes :-) ...

Does anyone know if their is a list (electronic or otherwise) of fax numbers
for vendors?  I'm especially interested in technical support fax numbers.

Please e-mail the information to me since I am an infrequent read of this
group.  Also mail me if you wish for me to re-post my findings.



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1. Request vendor list

Greetings all:

Does anyone have a list (1 or more :-) ) of vendors that have a DirectShow
software CODEC for MPEG2. I have a source filter that accommodates lived data
and I want to test with various software CODECs. I have done some web searching,
but was not successful.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

George K. Grous
BroadLogic Incorporated
E-mail address ROT13 encoded

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