Q: looking for winsock compat kerberized telnet

Q: looking for winsock compat kerberized telnet

Post by AL » Sat, 26 Aug 1995 04:00:00


Looking for a kerberized telnet for windows, winsock compliant.

Only heard of 2 beta's so far, anyone?


Q: looking for winsock compat kerberized telnet

Post by Eric Ha » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Looking for a kerberized telnet for windows, winsock compliant.

TGV Software's MultiNet for Windows has a fully-functional Telnet
client that supports Kerberos.


TGV Software                                        vox: 408-457-5200
101 Cooper Street                                   fax: 408-457-5207
Santa Cruz, CA  95060                       http://www.tgv.com/~hall/


1. winsock encrypting kerberized telnet application wanted.

A while back I asked if anyone had a kerberized telnet client that would also
encrypt for a pc.  A few people responded to me that they were also interested
so I thought I should post my findings back to the net.

After posting a message asking for kerberized encrypted telnet, I got
responses from TGV software (Multinet for windows)and WRQ (Reflections)

TGV software had a very nice winsock compliant kerberos v 4 client that worked
fine with all my testing. I was even using a generic "trumpet winsock" and not
their kernel.  Their technical support was excellent.  However their telnet
application does not do encryption and therefore I can not use it for the
project I am working on because I need k4 authentication and encryption for a
confidential patient data system.  

Reflections software also a kerberized encrypted telnet.  Unfortunately the
version I test of their kerberos only works with v 5 (we are using v4) and
because the actual telnet application is dependent upon their own kernel and
will only use thir own kerberos tool.  I was disappointed they did not support
v4 (which seems strange to me) but the tech support guy was very nice and
helpful anyway.   I could not get the TGV kerberos tool to work with the
Reflection2 encrypting telnet application.

If anyone can point me to an encrypting telnet application which is winsock
compliant I think I can use the TGV kerberos with it.  PULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!

It sickens me to think the mac ncsa kerberized encrypting telnet has been
working in this scenario for some time and no one has ported this to the pc
platform. Any developers out there listening?

Adriene Nazaretian

Yale University School of Medicine

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