Web Proxy: no HTTPS proxy unless you enable Allow Anonymous

Web Proxy: no HTTPS proxy unless you enable Allow Anonymous

Post by Andrés Gri?ó Brand » Sat, 19 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have a client that access Internet thru a Web Server running on NT.
The access to Internet is restricted to specific users (Enabled Access
Control in Proxy Server), and Password Authentication is set to Windows
NT Challenge/Response only in WWW Service.

All users have Win 95 + Internet Explorer 3.01, using the NT as proxy
for all protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, ...)

This configuration is fully functional (only designated users can access
Internet thru the proxy) except for this: every time they try to access
a secure WWW site (HTTPS) they get a dialog box in their browser asking
for an user/password in order to get that page. No matter what user
password they write, they cannot get that page (Web Proxy return
'Access denied'.

The only way to get secure pages is to enable "Allow Anonymous" in the
"Password Authentication" in WWW Service, but that defeat the whole
security restriction scheme.

If search the March Technet, the April Updates in Microsoft Site and
read (again) the whole documentation for Proxy Server without finding
any hint to a solution.

Any idea?
Andres Grino

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