DUN 1.2b install problem

DUN 1.2b install problem

Post by Tom Bark » Mon, 22 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I've been trying to install v1.2b over the version that came with the
computer and CD and keep getting the message insert the MSDUN
installation disk. What am I supposed to insert? Also it seems to
search for files that aren't anywhere on the computer or CD - any

Tom Barkas
Phone/fax/modem:   (44) 141 9453198


1. DUN-1.2b not releasing Mem/Resources?

Hi, I've updated to IE-4.01, DUN-1.2b, and the associated wsockets update as
recommended on the Microsoft update page.  Now it feels like I'm on my old
486/16MB machine.  Where I used to run w/around 50% or so resources free on
this Pentium II/64MB machine, I'm now down to 20% and even running out at
times.  This is happening when I've only got a few browsers, emails,
editors, and assorted virus, system monitors, etc. open.  All of which I
used to run previously w/o any problems.

I've started watching the resources w/MS Resource Meter and it looks like
DUN is not releasing its resources depending on the order in which things
that use it are loaded, unloaded, and if it is disconnected before or after
those other progs.

Is anybody else losing resources after updating to IE-4.10 and DUN-1.2b?

Regards, e.a.

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