Is this 4 real?

Is this 4 real?

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Industry insiders are taking about a breakthrough in technology. Is
it too good to be true? Compaq, Ernst and Young , & Honeywell all say
this is the real deal.

On the MetiLinx website you can view a video testimonial from Bob
Napier, Compaq's CIO. He states that Compaq has experienced performance
and reliability increases of 40% and a more than 25% reduction in the
total cost of ownership and operation of its Compaq Direct server system
since implementing MetiLinx software. MetiLinx Guarantees a 25%
reduction in TCO.

What do you think? Please email your comments.



1. I am having real problems setting up virtual hosting on Apache

I know that many people have already written to this group with this
problem and i have tried all the responses, plus I have read the apache
manual on this topic but is still can't achieve virtual hosting!

I have Apache 1.3.27 and it is running fine on WinXP pro. I have
PHP/perl/MYSQL all running also so that proves i must be able to do
something right!!

I just can't figure out how to achieve virtual hosting. I have read
endless documentation and tried lots of variations but nothing works.

Essentially I have my current configuration running through which uses routes my main url back to me on my cable modem. I want to add a
further site and have this running as a
seperate website. I have logged this to dyndns.

However no matter what i try i can't seem to get the access my parents
site at all and as a result often loose my main site. I have included my
latest attempt at from my httpd.conf

# Use name-based virtual hosting.
NameVirtualHost *
<VirtualHost *>

   DocumentRoot /htdocs/Parents/
   ErrorLog logs/
   CustomLog logs/ common

I have also ammended my hosts doc in the win32 directory and all kind of
other things.

Help please!!


Len Mackin
Len Mackin


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