reformatted a compressed drive/host drive, now what do I do?

reformatted a compressed drive/host drive, now what do I do?

Post by YQ » Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:00:00

A few months ago, my compressed drive was unmounted caused by
some Win95 registry problems. So I fdisk the drive again, and
reformatted the drive OK. I was even able to reinstall the Win 95 on
it. I did not try to recompress the drive.

But now my system keeps crash. I try to reformat/reinstall the drive,
but each time it failed. I was having this "compressed volume..."
each time when I try to reinstall.

I guess that the first time when I compressed the drive, the Windows
wrote something in the Master boot record/FAT, and reformating
the drive will not erase things there.

What should I do? I am a bit frustrated, and was hoping that I can
avoid buying a new hard drive to reinstall the windows.

Thanks for any help.

Yong Qian
TSB, Geography
US Census


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My system :
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My problem:
I have just installed a new ibm hd with 2,1 gig, and used the Disk
Administrator to create 1 primary (dos) and 3 logical drives (ntfs)
in the extended partition. No problem. But with a dos boot the ntfs
drives gets mouted as dos drives (with different drive letters) , but
only rubbish are seen with a dir command on them in dos. My scsi cd
works fine, just with a new drive letter.  All drives works fine in
NT4.0 boot.

But now I have 3 mounted drives in dos, but I do not know how to tell
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