Word 7.0 printing textbox on picture

Word 7.0 printing textbox on picture

Post by Jac.. » Tue, 07 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I need help about printing from word 7.0 I have a picture which I want to
put some explanative text on, but no matter what I do, when I but the box
directly on the picture, the underlying picture is visible. Only thing to
do is making the box's background black and print with white letters. I
would like the background to be yellow. I am printing on a HP LaserJet 4.
When i use the 'view page before print out' it looks just right. What can
I do to make the textbox 'overwrite' the underlying picture?

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Perhaps someone can help me with these problems.

1) I have Word 7.0 and when attempting to print to an NEC Silentwriter 1097
laser printer it locks up. Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, Word Perfect,
or all other programs print to this laser printer just fine- only Word has a
a problem. Now, I also have an Epson Stylus 800 printer and Word will print to
that printer with no problem and so will every other program. I suspected
maybe I should get an updated printer driver but I figure if the other programs
work with it then that is not the problem. Anybody have any ideas or is there
a compatibility issue between Word 7.0 and NEC laser printers? I doubt there
should be but when dealing with Microsoft products, anything is possible.
NEC no longer offers tech support on this printer so that's why I haven't
called them and I can never get through to my pc's tech support so I figured
I'd turn to this forum.

2) When trying to dial out with my modem, the pc gives me a 'no dial tone
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It's an internal modem, 56K. The connections are correct and the pc is able to
communicate with the modem via AT commands under modem diagnostics. I have
uninstalled the modem software and physically removed it from the PCI slot
and then reinstalled the modem and software but no luck. I was able to use the
thing several days ago so this is a sudden occurence. Could a portion of the
modem have gone bad? Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


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