Trumpet and PPP configuration

Trumpet and PPP configuration

Post by Alejandro Benite » Sun, 09 Apr 1995 04:00:00

We are trying to use ppp that come with trumpet, and i could'nt make the
script to work, if someone know or has a script that automaticly put the ip addr
that the comm server send to the client into the trumpet configuration, please

Thanks for any help


1. WIN 3.1, WFWG 3.11, Trumpet PPP to WIN NT RAS PPP

Several people have asked if you can use the Trumpet PPP to login
to the Windows NT 3.5 RAS using PPP.

Here are the results of my testing:

I ftped the latest Trumpet V2.0A directly from
this morning.  I found it in the /pub/winsock directory.

I was able to login using the Trumpet PPP to a Windows NTAS 3.5 RAS
server using the new Trumpet Version 2.0A.

I setup the NTAS 3.5 for DHCP with a pool of addresses, and then
used the registry editor to set the following parameters under RASMAN.

Under RASMAN PPP parameters

ForceEncryptedData      REG_DWORD       0
ForceEncryptedPassword  REG_DWORD       0

and under TCP/IP service parameters

EnableIPRouting REG_DWORD 1


The Trumpet TCPMAN setup is as follows:

Setup the Trumpet for PPP using bootp (dynamic IP).

For dynamic IP your IP should be set for

Set your gateway entry to and let PPP negotiate the proper
gateway IP address.

Be sure and enter valid IPs for you DNS server in the Tcpman setup
dialog.  This will then allow the Trumpet PPP to request an IP address from
the NT RAS PPP using dynamic IP (NT must be properly configured
for DHCP with a pool of available addresses for the RAS PPP

I had VJ compression turned on.

Note: You should set the baud rate to 19200 or below if you do not have a 16550
UART for your com port when using an external modem.

Put your NT login name and password in the PAP authentication
dialog.  Enable PAP by clicking on the check box.

You can use the TCPMAN to manually dial the
the NT RAS PPP server.

After you see the Modem Connect in the Tcpman screen
hit Escape to start the PPP authentication process.

If you use the NT RAS Admin you can see the Trumpet connection
is logged in and validated after several seconds.

I was able to use Telnet, Netscape Mosaic client, WS_FTP, and ping.

DNS operation worked fine.

Also FTP transfers had good transfers with no errors.

I was able to Telnet into a UNIX host via the Trumpet to NT RAS PPP.

Note: I did not try the Trumpet SLIP to NTAS RAS and it
probably not work since there is no way to get authenticated.

Steve Scoggins

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