TCP/IP and Wingate 3.0 Pro

TCP/IP and Wingate 3.0 Pro

Post by Robert A. Smi » Sat, 14 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have three systems connected to ADSL using TCP/IP  with a Wingate
DHCP server assigning IP addresses. Two of the systems work fine (a
266MHz Pentium II and a 100 MHz Pentium) the third system, a Toshiba
3015CT notebook, receives an address and
and is sometimes recognized in network neighbourhood. Also, when I go
into its client server in the control panel it shows the appropriate
servers. However, when I do a refresh in the WG client the server
addresses disapear from the server dialogue boxs. If I exit and enter
the WG client server again, the server address are return only to be
wiped out by if I try using  refresh.

Pinging the server or the other client returns, except when the system
is first booted up, timeouts.

If I exit the WG server and re-enter I not only get the server
addresses back but I can also ping the addresses of the other two
machines but after a few seconds I start to get timeout errors.

I am obviously establishing contact. but for some reason that contact
is being disrupted after a very short time and I lose contact.

I have tried re-installing on all machines, both wingate and the
drivers with no luck. I have also swapped cables and hub slots but to
no avail. The lights on the hub and the mams report a working network
but but for everything else; nada.

Any help would be more than appreciated.

Thank you


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I run 75 or so PC's Mac and Unix boxs with TCP/IP and WinGate Pro (
I don't run DHCP and with only three machines I would consider using static IP
addresses.  I also found a bug in IBM's SMP box I use with Unix, thee can not
have a 0 in the first three positions if their IP address.  So I switched to
192.168.1.x same subnet.  Also the WGIC is crap (IMHO), set your SW to use proxy
and open the right ports in WGPro.  Are you aware of the WG web board at
wingate?  You might want to post your question there also.  
Finally, you could risk going w/beta SW and try the WG 3.1 or stick with the new
upgrade (3.04)

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