fonts fail to load bootup stops failure code 0016

fonts fail to load bootup stops failure code 0016

Post by Keith Dunc » Sun, 27 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi anyone,
having trouble setting up a sound card with panasonic
interface and pan. cdrom in W95.
Both work fine in DOS & Win3.xx.
With snd card in , W95 freezes just before the desktop appears.
Bootlog shows all ok apart from various fonts which all fail
with failure code 0016.
Physically remove snd card and all ok Bootlog.txt identical apart from
fonts which all show as loading ok.
Snd card is Aztech Multimedia Pro 16 tried all available drivers and
card settings same
Any ideas?
Keith Duncan

1. Loading fonts returns "Failure code is 0016" in bootlog.txt

A system crashed from bad memory.  After bringing it back up, the bootup
process takes >10 minutes.  Bootlog.txt shows several fonts failed to load
because of "failure code is 0016".

I've tried to reinstall the fonts from Win95 cab files, Office97 fonts
directory, and Plus! cab files but I still get the error.

Can anyone help?

Michael Resnick

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