Completing tasks under the desktop metaphor

Completing tasks under the desktop metaphor

Post by David Lee Matusz » Wed, 23 Dec 1992 07:02:39

|> Personally, I find the Mac model where applications have this strange undead
|> life after you've quit working on the file associated with them quite
|> disturbing. I feel it VERY strongly violates the desktop metaphor, and
|> I'm frequently caught out when there's some application lying around in
|> the background eating up memory with no visual indication that it exists.

I agree.  It should be part of the Human Interface Guidelines that
every open application has at least one open window.  Many applications
do this, though usually it's with an annoying Standard File Open dialog
box.  A simple little logo, or a fairly nonobtrusive About box, would
be fine, if there isn't something more appropriate.

Of course, if the user hides all the application's windows, then you
should let it be hidden.

IMHO, of course.  I'm quite used to quitting everybody else's
applications when I sit down to our public Mac, so it doesn't bother me.


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1. Completing tasks under the desktop metaphor Where the mac really wins

Its not only annoying, it can cause real problems. Novice users (whose
habits I have been studying for a while, since I come into contact
with huge numbers of them) will tend to sit down at a Mac without re-
starting it or checking to see if anything else is running. Conse-
quently, one of the more common problem you have is not being able to
print, or bring up chooser, or any one of myriad other problems inclu-
ding system crashes due to lack of memory. These apps, while in their
"undead" state, will be taking up their fixed stack of RAM. When you
kill them the RAM is still fragmented so if you're trying to open a
big app it won't open. Even I do it sometimes 9-)

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