LDAP on NT and W2K workstations?

LDAP on NT and W2K workstations?

Post by Dennis Coop » Wed, 09 Jan 2002 14:33:02

Hello everyone,
  we've got a mix of Windows 2000 and NT4 servers and workstations in
a domain. It's turned out to be pretty convenient to have
ActiveDirectory on the DC. We can use LDAP remotely to look at
security objects on the DC, but there is no AD on the workstations.
Does anyone know of a product that can provide us similar
functionality on our clients? We can't just turn all the workstations
into servers and turn on AD. We'd also like something that works on
our remaining NT4 domains and workstations. Any suggestions would be
really appreciated.

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A newbie question ... please go easy.

I am wondering if I can network 2 Windows NT Workstation 4.0 systems
together with just the software that comes with NT 4 Workstation.  I have
network cards in both systems and twisted pair cable between them
(diagnostics work to show that cable connection is good).

I only need to transfer data from the hard drives of one system to the
other, then I will install Linux on the one system.

Is this possible? And if so ... any suggestions on where to start?

thanks in advance


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