Same as; network init slow, also DUN damaged after SP3 install-deinstalled no help

Same as; network init slow, also DUN damaged after SP3 install-deinstalled no help

Post by Mark Wetze » Sun, 22 Sep 2002 06:31:13

After SP3 install, network init takes forever, 3-4 minutes to boot.

Also I have installed Verizon DSL, and accompanying WINPoet S/W to dial. I
do not get a connection icon in Network window, so I can't disconnect the
session. Verizon claims they are getting boatloads of calls on this and
there is no fix.

Any ideas?

I've uninstalled SP3, but still no luck. Verizon says, it's too late, damage
was done.



1. slow network login after installing DUN 1.3

I recently installed DUN 1.3 and a few security patches found
on MS's web site, and now when I dial in to my ISP, it
takes much longer to establish a connection (used to take maybe
5 seconds, now it takes more than a minute). Once connected, my sessions
seem to work as usual.

I've glanced through the settings of my connectoid but haven't seen
anything unusual. Is this slow response simply an unavoidable
consequence of version 1.3 of the dialup software, or is there
something I could fix?

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