Tues,Apr 7:Java GUIs;Java/COM/ActiveX courses

Tues,Apr 7:Java GUIs;Java/COM/ActiveX courses

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April 1998

I.  Java SIG meeting:
                       Java GUIs: Sun's JFC/Swing and
                                  Microsoft's WFC
                                  (Windows Foundation Classes)
Date: Tues, April 7, 1998
Time: 7-9 pm
Location:  Microtec Division of Mentor Graphics
           880 Ridder Park Drive
           (near Hwy 880 and Brokaw)
SIG meeting is open and free to all. Abstract below.

II.  Intro to Java/J++, $195, 9 Tuesdays, starts April 28-
    June 30, 7pm -9:30 pm near Hwy 101 and Hwy 237

III.  COM/DCOM/COM+/ActiveX/OLE, ASP (Active Server pages), $195
      (includes Java and COM)
    April 18, optional MFC tutorial (not required) 9am-3pm
    ActiveX/OLE/COM/DCOM, 9 Saturdays, starts April 25-June 27,
      10:00am to 12:30 pm near Hwy 880 and Brokaw
IV. Gentle Introduction to MFC, April 18, 9-3
Details below

I. Java SIG meeting: April 7, 1998
   Java and COM: We will examine the use of Java for COM
      programming including reference counting, multiple interfaces,
      object allocation and release. (no knowledge of COM is
   COM+ : A look at the "newer" COM-classes, events, interfaces,etc.
   Sun's JFC/Swing and Microsoft's WFC GUIs:  We will study and
      compare both new GUI foundation classes, their models,
      sample source and demonstrations.  Certainly these more
      powerful programs are an important addition to Java.
II. Intro to Java/J++ 6.0, Tuesdays, 7-9:30pm
    starting April 28 to June 30 for 9 sessions (1 no meeting TBA)
  Basic language, classes, inheritance, packages, interfaces,
   exception handling, Mulithreading, I/O, strings, java.lang,
   utilities. This course goes beyond most other intro Java courses
   covering networking, client/server, AWT/JFC/Swing,WFC
   (Microsoft's Windows Foundation Classes).
  PREREQUISITES: High level language
  LOCATION: Sundowner Inn, Hwy 237, Mathilda exit, one block South
   right on Ross, left into first driveway
  COST:  $195 per course
  Make check out to:   Marian Corcoran
   put e-mail address and course on check
   and send to: SF Bay Area Ctr Adv
                Suite # 205-407
                21265 Stevens Creek Blvd.
                Cupertino, CA 95014

III. COM/DCOM, COM+/ ActiveX/OLE,ASP (includes COM+, COM & Java,
  ASP-Active Server Pages)

OLE/ActiveX are specifications and interfaces using
COM as their base.  Topics in the course include
ActiveX controls, Monikers, DCOM (Distibuted COM),
creating ActiveX controls for Web use, security,
ATL (Automated Template Library), COM+ (the new COM),
COM and Java, and ASP or Active Server Pages

   MFC or Win32 API is helpful but not required.  We are having a
special 6 hour tutorial on MFC/Win32 API which is free to all course
participants to help them get comfortable with GUIs.

ActiveX/OLE, COM/DCOM (includes COM+, COM & Java)
  Saturdays, April 25 to June 27, 10am to 12:30 pm
  9 sessions (no meeting Memorial weekend)

  Mentor Graphics near Hwy 880 and Brokaw
   (no traffic on Saturdays).  Take Hwy 880 or 101 to Brokaw,
   East, 100 yards east of Hwy 880, right to Mentor Graphics,
   880 Ridder Park Drive

Send check as per instructions under Intro Java/J++ course above

IV. Free, Optional MFC/Win32 API Tutorial (not required)
  April 18,  Sat, 9am  to 3 pm to help prepare for COM course
  Mentor Graphics

Marian Corcoran, M.S.C.S., CEO of the San Francisco
Bay Area Center for Advanced Technology does
consulting and training for companies worldwide
in Java, C++, and Windows 95/NT. While on the
faculty at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn,
she won an award for curriculum development and
instruction. Her industrial research in
object-oriented programming and GUI applications
has been published at international levels. She is
also a member of the C++ and Java standardization
committees, and has been elected to Who's Who of
American Women.


1. Java app calling Java app through command.com loses env vars

I'm starting to use a product that has one step of its installation/setup that
is a cmd script that calls a Java application that ends up using command.com to
call another Java application.  The last Java application needs to references
environment variables set in the cmd script.

In Windows 2000, this process works fine.  The last Java application sees the
environment variables fine.  In Windows XP, however, the last Java application
seems to have no environment variables (I've only tried several, but I haven't
checked to see if there are any at all).

I wish they had written this process better (as the second Java application has
a relatively easy-to-use API that they could have just called directly from the
first Java application), but they didn't.  I don't expect them to re-architect
this any time soon.

The question I have is, is there something that changed between Win2k and WinXP
in the area of calling other applications through command.com, such that a
downstream called application wouldn't be able to get any environment

Is there something they're supposed to use instead of "command.com" for this
sort of thing?  I know there's "cmd" and "command", and "cmd" appears to be
much more functional, but I don't know a lot about the differences between

David M. Karr          ; Java/J2EE/XML/Unix/C++

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