Windows ME and Floppy Drive

Windows ME and Floppy Drive

Post by Duncan Idah » Wed, 27 Dec 2000 07:30:50

I have repeatedly had Windows ME give me a "denied access" diagnostic to my
3.5 inch floppy drive.  Is there a software lock or privilege setting I may
be unaware of?  I am on a standalone desktop -- no network.  Any help would
be gratefully appreciated.


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1. Floppy death-3.5 floppy drive changed to 5.25 floppy

The computer is a 486/66 intel  with 24 mb ram running win 95 , sound
blaster , trident vga, winmodem

One day when it was booted up it went on the fritz, no video, and
horrid sounds coming from the speakers. It seemed as if it was booting
by listening to the computer 'go thru its routine' but no picture.

After trying the standard remove the cards and reseat them routine. I
still could not get a display. After replacing the video card with
another slightly different trident card (old card card
9400 i think ..or vice versa), I managed to get the display up.

After troubleshooting other stuff (non system disk error-  it was not
recognizing the hard drive and would not boot)
This was when i realized that the floppy wasn't working right because
I could not boot to a floppy disk either. finally got the bios setup
to 'see' the HD with an auto detect and windows booted up.

The floppy drive doesnt appear to be getting power (no light) but  I
tested the power leads and confirmed that it was getting power to that
point . Then I tried a dif floppy drive that i know works with the
same results powerlight  no sign of any activity to the drive
when booting up the computer. (there is  no listing of an A drive on
that initial information screen that I see when booting up either)

When i opened up windows explorer and tried to access the a drive I
noticed that it was listing as a 5.25 floppy and not a 3.5 floppy

I went into the device manager(which did show a problem with the
"yellow !"! symbol) and removed the floppy from the system and
rebooted the computer hoping windows would detect and install the dice

after manually reinstalling the 'standard floppy device driver' and
running in the circles that the windows conflict troubleshooter sent
me through I am right back where i started. (no conflicts ever did
come up in the details box  even though it was supposedly a conflict
that prompted the launch of the troubleshooter)

The floppy drive shows no signs of life  and its still listing as a
5.25 floppy in the windows explorer

Im stumped.... Its probly something simple but i'll be damned if the
answer is coming to me. I also tried a dif connector cable as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for takin the time to read through to the bitter end :)  


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