Motif UI Builder Available

Motif UI Builder Available

Post by Yong Ch » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 01:52:11

Thanks to many friends on the net. Now, I understand that I can freely
distribute VXP. You can get a copy from the ftp site in my school at:    under /pub/VXP
or go to VXP web page under URL:

Please send me a email if you install the VXP and want to be beta testor.
I welcome any suggestions, bug reports and comments.

  Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
  documentation for non-commercial purposes and without fee is hereby
  granted, provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies
  and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice appear in
  supporting documentation, and that any documentation, advertising
  materials, and other materials related to such distribution.


Following is the copy of previous post of VXP
I am a graduate student of Computer Science Department at Sam Houston State
University. I has been working on a project called VXP -- Visual X windows
Programming Interface, which is a GUI builder for Motif widget sets.

VXP provides an integrated application development environment for X
windows programmer. Its main features are;
 o design application's user interface visually and interactively;
 o generate the C source code automatically;
 o compile and test the application within VXP.

There is a web page for this project, the URL is:

This page includes links to:

 o Introduction of VXP
 o System Overview
 o User and Installation Manual
 o Tutorial
 o FAQ
 o FTP info

The ftp site  for VXP is:    under /pub/VXP

I would like to distribute the beta version of this system for evaluation and
test. But unfortunately, OSF/Motif is not a free package, I have to buy a
$15,000 Full Distribution Licence from OSF in order to distribute it even
for free. So, I cannot put the system on the FTP site now. I don't understand
those policies very well, so if anyone knows how I can get around this,
please let me know.

I am now working on get a guest account for people to try it for the time
being. I will post latest news on this group later. And you can check the
web page for latest progress.

This has been posted on following news group:;;;;;      comp.unix.programmer;

Yong Chen                                                     _/_/_/_/_/
Dept. of Computer Science                                  _/_/       _/
Sam Houston State University                             _/_/  _/_/  _/_/_/    
Phone: 713-363-7915x7378                                _/_/     _/  _/_/

WWW:                   _/_/_/_/_/ _/_/


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While I have your attention I would also appreciate if you could share
any experience you may have had with any X11R4/Motif(1.0.3 - 1.1) GUI
builders and how well they work with UIL.

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