Introducing Adrenaline Charts 1.0 for Windows

Introducing Adrenaline Charts 1.0 for Windows

Post by Kenneth Truem » Wed, 09 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Introducing Adrenaline Charts 1.0 for Windows

Whether as a stand alone application, or embedded in an ActiveX container
application like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word, Adrenaline Charts
allows you to transform your data into dazzling, shaded, texture-mapped
charts in a fraction of the time required by older legacy applications.

Using QuickDraw 3D graphics technology, you can manipulate your shaded 3D
charts in real time, interactively. You can even import 3D objects in the
3DMF file format and use them to replace standard charts elements like
columns and cones. Imagine using a palm tree or a car model instead of a
boring column. Export your charts as cross-platform 3D objects (3DMF) or in
Windows BitMap format (BMP).

Using Microsoft's ActiveX technology, Adrenaline Charts can be embedded and
edited in place in a Word or Excel document. As an OLE2 server/container
itself, it can also be dynamically embedded and linked with other
OLE-capable applications (like Lotus 1-2-3 '97) and edited in its own

You import data via Excel 95 or 97 files, tab-delimited text, or via the
Windows Clipboard. You can also apply pictures and textures to chart
objects to make them more powerful. Charts may be exported as Windows
Bitmap files (BMP) or as 3D objects in the 3DMF file format.

Adrenaline Numbers & Charts works with Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT
3.51 and Windows NT 4.0. It requires a computer with Pentium processor, 16
MB RAM and 16 bit display card.

A pre-release version of Adrenaline Charts is available at
Please read the release notes as well as system requirements thoroughly.

More product information is available at

A gallery of sample images (and movies created with the Macintosh version)
is available at


1. ANN : Adrenaline Charts 1.0b7 for Windows now available

Hi !

We have just released Adrenaline Charts 1.0b7 for Windows. You can find it
and release notes at

The product info page can be found at

Adrenaline Charts is a hot new charting program that works as a stand-alone
application or can be plugged-into Microsoft Excel 95 and 97 via ActiveX.
It allows you to create amazing shaded, texture-mapped, true 3D charts. You
can even use off the shelf 3D objects in place of columns, cylinders or

It requires Windows 95, NT3.51 or NT 4.0, a Pentium Processor, 16 Bit
display card or higher and 16 MB physical RAM installed or higher.

We will be finishing Adrenaline Charts within the next 4 weeks, so we need
to stomp out bugs fast.

Please let us know your comments, suggestions and bugs. The main beta page
provides a link to a bug report form.

If you think it's a cool product, please tell the folks you know to check
out the beta page. It is a public beta program open to all.

Thank you for your time,

Kenneth Trueman
Director of Sales

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Software, Inc.
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