Strange Ping Result from a dual-homed NT4.0

Strange Ping Result from a dual-homed NT4.0

Post by Humphrey J. Zhan » Wed, 09 Apr 1997 04:00:00

name: webserver
card:   3c590

name: faccnet
card:   SMC

Names-to-addresses are resolved correctly by DNS.
But, when I type

         ping webserver

I was told "pinging []", which is
wrong. When I type

         ping faccnet

the system will tell me "pinging []",
which is correct.

This situation killed the proxy server I designed the NT4.0 to be. In place
of the net, an illegal net address was intended to be used,
taking advantage of the proxy. The wrong name-address mapping will offend
the ISP supplied router before the proxy could be set up.

Oh, help me!


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I am trying to fix this strange problem with our NT servers.
Just for background, we have two offices connected over an ISDN link.
All external traffic gets routed through our main office. We have a
Wins, DHCP and Mail server in each site.
When I ping BDC1 from any other server in our domain I get an address
which looks like it has come from a DNS entry and not our WINS
database, ie FQDN with wrong IP address.
If I ping BDC1 from a workstation or win9x PC it returns the correct
If I ping BDC1 from itself it returns the correct address.
Has anyone seen this before?

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