First Aid for Win 95

First Aid for Win 95

Post by K nygaa » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Has anybody had any experience with FirstAid for Windows 95?

Is it worth while or not?


1. First Aid 95 vs. Fix-It

I'm considering buying a GPF detection program for my computer runnign
Windows 95.  The two products that I'm considering are First Aid 95 by
Cybermedia and Fix-It by Vertisoft.  Has anyone had anny experence with
either on of these programs, I'm interested to see what you thought, and
which one would suggust using.  I'm familar with Vertisoft's products
and am happy with them, but I haven't heard anything on Fix-It.  Your
suggustions are very welcome.

Thanks you for any help.

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