HELP! My fonts have fallen and they cant get up !

HELP! My fonts have fallen and they cant get up !

Post by tada.. » Tue, 26 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Seriously, I do have a font problem that I don't know enough about to
fix.  I had a disk crash recently and ever since then, I have several
applications that come up with a "true type font error".  I've check
the win.ini file and everything looks o.k. (not that I would notice
one missing font).  I've made sure that I have true type fonts enabled
in control panel or wherever that was, but still  no luck.  Is there
anywhere that I can get a complete set of windows true type fonts
without having to reinstall windows ?  My machine came with windows
already on it so I don't have the install disks.   Any help or
suggestions are appreciated.
John R. Norris

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