Rich edit control problem (Focus not changing with tab)

Rich edit control problem (Focus not changing with tab)

Post by Mema » Sat, 01 Feb 2003 19:14:58

Rich edit control problem (Focus not changing with tab)
Hi there,
We have got a MDI application in MFC. In one of its views (Form View),
i have placed a custom control(ocx) and this ocx is written in vb. OCX
contains nothing but a multi line edit box.Now the problem is, focus
is not getting out of this control on tab key.Heard this is a known
issue. But we couldn't locate this in knowledge base. Any quick help?

we are using a rich Edit box in our OCX. and we have mapped keydown
keypress events for the text box. It is working fine if we place this
in a vb module.But if we are placing in VC projects, then the problem
Also if we use normal text box instead of rich edit, it is working
fine in
both vc and vb.Rich edit box is not standard windows common control.
May be because of that.this problem exists for most of teh third party
controls developed in vb( i thknk)



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        Any advice/suggestions as to why it does not work ??
        Thanks in advance.




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