Solved: File & Print Sharing for Win95 over dial-up to unix

Solved: File & Print Sharing for Win95 over dial-up to unix

Post by Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreun » Sat, 26 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have been trying for about a week to solve the following problem:

* We have about 1,000 unix and PC's on our LAN
* In my office I have a sunOS box and a PC (win95)
* I would like to be able to dial-in from an win95 portable and share
  files with my desktop win95 PC
* all dial-in lines are controled by unix boxes running DEC Ultrix.


* Run SAMBA on a unix box (SAMBA is freeware)
* be sure to run nmbd so that it can act as a WINS server (for netbios names)
* Make sure to setup your dial-up (or if on lan direct) TCP properties
* set the TCP property for the WINS server to let your Samba box be the
  WINS server.

- perhaps the DHCP host could be a WINS server (I don't know)
- perhaps even an NT or Win95 can act as a WINS server (I don't know)

That's it. You can do all the netbios SMP protocol over TCP/IP. There
is no need for other protocols.

Now you will be able to browse and mount files from your win95 box. You
will also be able to browse and mount files from you UNIX box. In fact you
can also use your unix box for remote printing.

I have found that SAMBA as it comes out of the box can be used on our
machines. There is extensive configurartion stuff, but I did not have to
use it.


GTE Laboratories,Waltham MA


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