Pocket Quicken, Pocket Money, & Synch

Pocket Quicken, Pocket Money, & Synch

Post by Andy » Sat, 13 Jan 2001 12:28:53

ON the HPC Pocket Quicken simply and quickly synched with Quicken. We
can't seem to convince them to port it to the PPC.

The PPC comes with Pocket Money in ROM. So I loaded Money trial edition
to see if I could use it and export a qif to Quicken. But I can't
figure out how to synch the PPC Pocket Money to Desktop Money.
Searching help talks about web synching.


TIA, Andy

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1. Pocket Quicken v2 and Quicken Deluxe 2000 do not synch

I bought Pocket Quicken v2 for my HP J680 (it does not come as standard on
the UK version). I cannot get it to synch with Quicken 2000 (On The Go
website says it should be able to). Pocket Quicken says it needs an account
in Quicken 2000. I have an account in Quicken 2000. I try and synch it and
it says that Quicken is not installed on the desktop. Strange, because if I
have Quicken open on the desktop it knows that it is there because it tells
me to close it!!!!! Sometimes the ActiveSynch bos says it is synched and
sometimes it says that it needs resolving. I also cannot access the settings
on ActiveSynch for Pocket Quicken. I am running ActiveSynch 3.

Anybody seen this or had the same problem?



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