DUN Problem

DUN Problem

Post by Gary Coulter & Nancy Sha » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Can someone help me with a problem?

I am using :
Windows 95 Dial Up Networking
Netscape Communicator Version 4.04 (same thing happened with version
Motorola Lifestyle 28.8 PCMCIA modem
I have the same problem connecting to 2 different ISPs.

Therefore, I assume that the problem is either the modem or DUN (I
suspect DUN).

When I connect to the Internet, DUN always reports the computer to modem
speed rather than the connection speed. (I want the connect speed so I
can terminate the connection if I connect at a slow speed).

I recognize that the modem can be set to report both and I have tried
all settings. After looking in the modem log file, this is what I

When the setting is "\V0"
The modem response is" "CONNECT 115200"

When the setting is "\V1"
The modem response is "CONNECT 115200/V42BIS"

When the modem setting is "\V2"
The modem response is "CONNECT 26400"

When the modem setting is "\V3"
The modem response is CONNECT 26400/V42BIS"

When the modem setting is "\V4"
The modem response is "CONNECT 26400/V34/V42BIS"

Sometimes the response to \V2, \V3 or \V4 is
CONNECT 26400/24000/....... (or a similar combination of connect speeds)

In every case the response to the modem connect message (in the modem
log file) is
"WARNING: Unrecognized response.  Retrying...
 Connection established at 115200bps." (i.e. the serial port speed)

The modem CONNECT response looks correct to me but somehow the Dial Up
Network is not recognizing and reporting the response.

Any suggestions?
Is this a modem reporting problem? If so how do I fix it?
Is this a Dial Up Networking problem? How would I fix this?

Thank you,
Gary Coulter


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After installing application compatibility updates
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strange noises when dialing in and it is only connecting
at between 8 and 14.4 kbps...occasionally is has hooked
up at 28.8 or 33, but only 4 times in the last 24 hours.  
Problem started after rebooting after the install.  
When the computer starts to dial in, you can hear
the "handshake sound" WHILE it is dialling- as if it is
already trying to initialize or listen to the computer.  
Once the dialed number connects, there is the regular
handshake, and the noise continues until the connection
is confirmed.  Sound is coming from modem speaker.  We
have checked to see if there are any other programs or
apps running, but can find nothing that is running.  I
have tried shutting down everything unnecessary to no
avail...the noise still happens...and the connection is
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