Password change from Windows 95/98 client on Windows NT Server

Password change from Windows 95/98 client on Windows NT Server

Post by Roberto Poblet » Fri, 13 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Does anybody know, how i can change the NT password from win95/98 client???

I want to be able of change the password in accomplish with the Windows NT
security policies.

any help??




1. error changing password on NT domain from a Windows 95 client

We have a NT Server 4.0 with various Windows 95 Clients.  How can I allow a
user to change his NT password from their Windows 95 PC.

When I try to use the password utility in the windows 95 control pannel I
get the following error:

        Access Denied.

If I use the command NET PASSWORD /DOMAIN:xxxxx ......  the password change

Any idea's on how I can allow my users to change their password in a more
dignified manor!!!!!

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