IBM Aptiva L-20 Mwave modem doesn't work with netmeeting

IBM Aptiva L-20 Mwave modem doesn't work with netmeeting

Post by Ing. Javier Velasco Suáre » Tue, 12 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have IBM Aptiva L-20 Mwave modem that works with netmeeting?
Have lastest version of Netmeeting installed and everything works except
audio---I can hear but
others cant hear me.



1. IBM MWave Audio Problems with NetMeeting - I know you're out there!!!

Hi All,

I support NetMeeting on a large number of PC's at the company I work for.
The only PC's that CONSISTANTLY give me nightmares are IBM PC's (Both
desktop and laptop).  Please email me directly if you too have had problems
with any IBM model ***using audio and video features in NetMeeting.***  My
company has a priority support account with IBM but I can't get them
excited about this problem because not enough people are complaining.  I
need your emails to compile and send to IBM to show them MWave is a
problem.  Rest assured if/when I get any info from IBM I will post it for
others to benefit from!

Thanks in advance,


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