s35explorer and com ports

s35explorer and com ports

Post by Olaf Conra » Fri, 24 Nov 2000 09:00:04

Hello again,

I just got a new mobile phone (Siemens C35i) and was woundering if I
could get S35explorer and/or Softdatalink 3 to work under wine.

The install was no problem, but I can't get them to open my COM port.

The datacable is connected to /dev/ttyS3.

from my /proc/tty/driver/serial:
3: uart:16550A port:2E8 irq:3 baud:9600 tx:3049247 rx:16375593 fe:64 brk:68

(the tx, rx and brk are from apcupsd which was previously connected to
/dev/ttyS3 and apcupsd has been shutdown)

permissions on /dev/ttyS3 are:
crw-rw----    1 root     dialout    4,  67 Nov 22 22:50 /dev/ttyS3
and my user account is member of the dialout group.

My /etc/wine.conf contains:

The program s35ex_setup.exe can be downloaded from

I hope someone can help,



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