wxTreeCtrl Focus problem with edit

wxTreeCtrl Focus problem with edit

Post by J.Sau » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 17:42:17

do you know any solution for this:

Dialog with
a) wxTreeCtrl
b) several Edit controls

1. Create new Item.
2. call EditLabel() for newly created item
3. enter new name
4. press enter, tab to confirm edit.
5. Focus goes away to another control, but wxTreeCtrl Node keeps
no END event happens. If I click into the Node it is still in edit
mode. Only if I click somewhere else in the tree control the edit
label session is ended and I get the event telling me so.

I'm using:
wxWindows 2.3.1
Win2k SP2
VC6.0 SP4
STLPort 4.5

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

PS: Please reply by email also, cause I get News only delayed.


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Rich edit control problem (Focus not changing with tab)
Hi there,
We have got a MDI application in MFC. In one of its views (Form View),
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contains nothing but a multi line edit box.Now the problem is, focus
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Also if we use normal text box instead of rich edit, it is working
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both vc and vb.Rich edit box is not standard windows common control.
May be because of that.this problem exists for most of teh third party
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