Dos system/win95 system file sharing

Dos system/win95 system file sharing

Post by Stuart Bazza » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

G'day All

I'm looking for a program to allow for file sharing between a Win95
based machine, and an MS-Dos based machine - primarily to enable '95
to access file on the dos machine.

Any help, ftp addresses, etc would be GREATLY appreciated.

Please mail any replies to me.

Thnaks in advance


Stuart Bazzard

tel: 27-21-6854047 (GMT +2)
fax: 27-21-6854272

Cape Town
South Africa


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I am a support guy for a small University. Recently we migrate to Win95
from Win 3.1 of most of the lecturers and admin staffs. I encountered a
lot of problems. Below is the one that I've spent too much times but
without any solution:

Background : Some PCs are reallocated from the student labs to
lecturers. The
                      power switching button is quite loose. The PC will
turn off

Problem Found :  At least 2 PCs with the same model got the power
switching button problem. It ends up with that the SYSTEM.DAT is
corrupted. After the users have shut down the computer, the next time
Win95 will report errors and force the users to run it in the Safe mode.
After being run in the Safe mode, restart the PC again and can run it in

Is there any one knows how to fix this kind of problems?

Thanks in advance for any help


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