Another Bug in MS Internet Explorer 3.02?

Another Bug in MS Internet Explorer 3.02?

Post by Kai Schaetz » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> For example, a Site which has a vertical frame as
> a navigation bar. i click on a link, and the bar
> disappears. The Page now uses the whole browser
> window.

Actually, you didn't just click it. You dragged it a bit. Just keep your
mouse "steady" or increase your mouse threshold in cpl.



Kai Sch?tzl, Berlin, Germany
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1. Accessing Password Protected Web Pages using MS Internet Explorer 3.02 on Windows NT System

We have had a Web site located on our Windows NT system service pack 1
(we had problems with service pack 2 and backed it out) using MS-IIS.
Prior to the release of MS Internet Explorer ver. 3.02, anyone could get
to our web pages and the subsequent protected pages using MS Internet
Explorer, Netscape, Mosaic.  Folks can still access our web pages and
the protected pages normally today except those with MS-IE ver 3.02
browser.  Netscape and mosaic have no problems.

When one would click on the LINK that took them to a protected area
which required a userid and password, normally a pop-up box would appear
asking for that information.  Once they entered in the correct info
(even after a mistake, it would repost the pop-up saying that the
entered info was not valid to try again) they would have access to the
lower level page.

Once MS IE 3.02 is loaded by a users they can gain access to the main
page and non-password protected pages without problems.  However, if
they tried to CLICK the LINK to the password protected sites instead of
getting the pop-up box for them to enter the USERID and PASSWORD they
would get an error page and it will not produce the pop-up box to allow
them to rectify the error in USERID and PASSWORD.

The error page produced is the same page that one would get in other
browsers when one would CLICK the "CANCEL" button on the pop-up box
asking for the userid and password.   Its like somehow the new MS-IE ver
3.02 browser is automatically "cancelling" the request for access to the
password protected site and not allowing the pop-up box to appear and
allow the user to make a correction.

If anyone has experienced this problem and can shed some light on what
we may be doing wrong or can help resolve this anonomoly would be
greatly appreciated.


Dan D'Agostino

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