WINS Server / DHCP Server

WINS Server / DHCP Server

Post by Kennet » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I'm in the process of assigning all new IP Addresses to my WINS / DHCP
Servers (2-DHCP/WINS Servers, 2-Print Servers, 2-License Servers).

What should my major/minor concerns be?

I'm trying to avoid an ...........Oh Yea! I forgot about that!

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1. Uninstall DCHP server on Win 2k server and use Linksys DHCP builtin server

I would like to use the DHCP server builtin to my Linksys Router.
This will enale me to share the broadband cable service with other
networks in my local office.  If some one is using a peer to peer
network, and the DHCP is disabled it will not work on the other
netowrks.  I think my only solution is to disable the dhcp server on
win 2k server and use the router dhcp server.  What do you think?

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