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When Ii begin to download a file, I get the message "This network file
does not have modify priviledges  . . ."  Please explain what this
means?  When I do download, I must select "save" again.  When I do
this, I get the message "file already exist, do you want to replace
it",. I select "yes" then the file saves.  If I did not do these, the
file would not be downloaded.  What can I do to fix this problem.

I have WIN95B.



1. OE6 - as newsreader, downloads, and downloads, and downloads,

Hi All;
    Background - > I'm pay for my downloads if I exceed a certain amount
within a month. I've budgeted myself to 6meg per day so that I won't exceed
my monthly limit. I'm subscribed to 3 newsgroups - headers only. I've turned
off notification of new newsgroups.

    Problem - > Whenever I "Synchronise Account" OE starts downloading. It
just keeps going up to about 6.5meg. I can understand this happening once
when OE sets up the newsgroups but it happens everytime I click
Synchronise!! How do I stop these incessant downloads? I either stop it or
I'll have to drop my subscriptions to newsgroups.

    Your help would be appreciated...


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