16bit apps run from NT 3.51 server run incredibly SLOW on Win95

16bit apps run from NT 3.51 server run incredibly SLOW on Win95

Post by Tim McDonoug » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00


        NT Server   : P166, 128MB Ram, 4GB SCSI Fast ( PCI ), SP5
        Win95 PCs: 12, each P90 or better, 32MB or more RAM, SP1

        Since moving from our Novell 3.12 Server to NT 3.51, our 16-bit
        apps run very slow ( for most tasks ). Apps include Lotus CCmail
        v2.21 and Corel Draw v5.0. Slow meaning delete 10 email messages
        now takes 45seconds, when it used to take 2seconds.

        32-bit apps ( MS-Office 95 ) run relatively quick.


        I'm running the NetBIOS interface in addition to TCP/IP ( DLC,
        and WINS too ), do I need NetBIOS for anything besides that
        goofy "NET USE, LIST, etc" stuff?

        Any way to identify a 16-bit process using performance monitor,
        to see what resources it's using? Any way to speed up 16-bit

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As the subject says,  I want the remote clients to run the login
script when they dial into our NT 3.51 RAS server but with no success.
I have to manually map to all the drive letters.  I've tried to enable
the NT domain option in Client for Microsoft Network with either the
Quick logon or  Logon and reconnect network connection option but
still didn't get the logon script running.   I also enable the Logon
to network option in Dialup Networking settings.  The login script
runs just fine when it's on the ethernet network.  Does anyone have
any idea?

Thanks in advance,
Alex Lui

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