Upgrade Windows NT 4.0 client to Windows NT 4.0 server??

Upgrade Windows NT 4.0 client to Windows NT 4.0 server??

Post by Diederik van Lier » Thu, 16 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I've heard that with some simple changes in the registry you can "upgrade"
the client version to the server version. Is this true??
And if yes what are these changes??


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Could someone please explain or lead me to where I can get further


I create a local user on an NT 4.0 Workstation , eg. test000

I create an account on a NT 4.0 Server (enterprise ed. a PDC) the id
and password as the workstation user id - the user belongs to the
domain users group.

I create a share on the server eg: d:\files with permission granted to

Now I long into the workstation locally , without authenticating
outside, (ie using the local sam.)

I try mapping a drive to the NT server share, and the drive is mapped
automatically without any challege.

My question is why does this automatically happen ? aren't there two
separate SAM databases, on the local machine and the sam on the PDC??

However if I can change either password, (ie no longer in sync), only
then I get a challege.

Does this happen in WIN2K ????



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