WANTED: List of Pan-platform/Pan-Window O/S GUI Libraries/Builders

WANTED: List of Pan-platform/Pan-Window O/S GUI Libraries/Builders

Post by Paul Knight » Wed, 21 Jul 1993 08:00:00

Hello All,

As the subject says, could I please have some advice on products/
libraries for building GUI's which alleviate some of the burdens of
portability by offering GUI building-block API's which are consistent (or
at least for most of their functionality) across different O/S's and
Windowing environment. For example, XVT. Preferably available in
C/C++ Class formats.

For anyone who has had experience of such, could they summarise the
Pro/Con's of the product they used, plus give any hints/tips on such

Many thanks,

Paul Knighton
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WANTED: List of Pan-platform/Pan-Window O/S GUI Libraries/Builders

Post by Wade Guthr » Thu, 22 Jul 1993 00:39:17

I have built a FAQ on the subject.  Look for it in about a week on

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WANTED: List of Pan-platform/Pan-Window O/S GUI Libraries/Builders

Post by Matthew Smy » Fri, 23 Jul 1993 04:08:57

I am attempting to install a copy of On Time for Windows ver. 1.0 by Campbell
Services INC, on of of my user's machine.  The troubleshooting section in the manual reads for 3 out of 6 listed problems: Ontime was not installed properly;
Reinstall Ontime.  In addition to this lame help, Thier Tech support is a 1-900
number.  And so I refuse to call (You know how much paperwork that would be for me?).  So If anyone out there can help me.  Please E-mail me

The problem is that after installation,  When I ty and launch the program from either it's Icon or the Run... option,  it comes back with the message:

Program Terminated: Cannot find Data File OTFIL

OTFIL is in the directory that the OTWIN.EXE is in, as well as in both the Path and the working directory.

The OTWIN.INI file reads:


The datapath is the directory where the exe and data files are.  It returns same message with and without the autostart option.

Anyone out there have any ideas?



WANTED: List of Pan-platform/Pan-Window O/S GUI Libraries/Builders

Post by Ernesto Estev » Tue, 27 Jul 1993 21:27:47


I'm trying to display a image in Windows but the colors doesn't work
I got a pointer to a buffer with the images bits (8 Bits=1 pixel), and a
Pallete handle of the image, I fill up a BITMAP structure and get a HBITMAP
handle using the CreateBitmapIndirect function, I then create a Memory
DC using the CreateCompatibleDC function, I make it compatible with the
screen (application window), I select the bitmap into the memory DC with
the SelectObject function, next I select the palette as a foreground one
 for the memory DC and the application window DC and realize it in the
display window DC, I finally use the BitBlt function with the SRC_COPY
ROP operation to transfer the image from the memory DC to the
application window DC and the COLORS are WRONG!!!! What is wrong in what
I'm doing? I also tried realizing the palette in the memory DC before
transfering and it diden't work neither. Can somebody give a hand on
                              Thanks in advance