How tell if a particular version of NS is 16 or 32 bit?

How tell if a particular version of NS is 16 or 32 bit?

Post by D. Metcal » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00

At one time, I thought this information was under Help/About Netscape
but alas, not any longer.  Maybe it was never there?

Once only the 32 bit NS supported Java; is that still true?  If so,
that would be one way to know which version a person was running.

Thanks for your insight,

Dennis Metcalfe


1. Tell me - What kind of application are you (16-bit or 32-bit)?


I've tested the function "GetBinaryType" and it works fine.
Thanks for help.

Some Notes:
A 16-bit application can run in separate memory, if the parameter "creation
is correct set (to create the process in separate memory).
The returned process informations are valid. But I want to have the window
(HWND) of this created application.

I use every HWND of the top windows and the function
Then I compare the returned function value with the thread ID.

Now I use the "CreateProcess" function with the creation flag
and the (separate memory space) flag.
Then I use the process informations to find the right handle (HWND).
BUT I get 4 different HWND's for the same process information. There are the
of WOW-applications and not the handle of the created application.
Which mistakes I do?

Help please!

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