Peer-to-Peer Password Mystery NT 4.0 -> Win95

Peer-to-Peer Password Mystery NT 4.0 -> Win95

Post by Klaus Koehnlei » Tue, 26 Nov 1996 04:00:00

On a mixed peer-to-peer network we are using share-level-security to share
resources (directories and printers) on Win95 and NT workstations.

We are facing strange problems when trying to connect to Win95 resources
from a NT workstation.

1) Password length seems to be restricted to 8 caracters (If this is true,
where is it documented?!)

2) Depending on the combination of letters and numbers used in a Win95
share password, some of the passwords only give NT workstations access to
Win95 resources when all the letters (not numbers!) are typed in in capital
letters, although the Win95 password doesn't contain any capital letter.
For example, the password on the Win95 share is set to "abcd12", but we
have to type "ABCD12" to connect from a NT workstation.

3) Passwords that only consist of small letters (e.g. "abcdefg") also work
with capital letters ("ABCDEFG").

Does anybody explain this strange behaviours?

Greetings from Germany,

  Department of Geography / Tuebingen University