cannot download SP1

cannot download SP1

Post by Emil » Thu, 16 Jan 2003 07:18:40

been succesfully downloaded.  Trying to update all other
SP's and Secutity files.  SP1 won't go and no error
message is forthcoming.  It just stops on the pop up
screen and says sownload  time 31 minutes.  or some other
time.  Then nothing.  Should I remove SP2 then go basck to
1 and 2 and 3 in order.  Or is there another solution to
this issue.  

Nothing else has been successfully updated.  But four
failures on SP1

E-mail or Post.  Both if you would please.  All help is
appreciated.    Emile


1. Cannot download sp1

I bought a new computer, (2.4G 60G hd p4) and upgraded the
xp home to my copy of professional. I set up internet
options the way I like and installed sp1. I started to
play Cubis on the Zone, and the window opens but, there is
no content and it hangs.  So I checked my MS VM and there
isn't one. I thought that came with sp1, so i unsinstalled
sp1 and went to redownload it. The web dialog vox opens
and hangs. So I reset all internet options to default,
same result, I downloaded Sun Java VM, same result, I even
let it go for several hours and it just hangs. I have
searched KB with no help. I have a cable modem with 150 MB
download so it's not the connection. I am writing this
post on boyfriends computer because, I can't get the
window that opens to post. HELP!!!!

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