Installing Wingate 3.0 and NTMail to work together

Installing Wingate 3.0 and NTMail to work together

Post by David Portabell » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I've installed an intranet. There's NTMail 3.03 installed (which is an email
server, it is not from Microsoft), and the intern email works fine.
Now I want my users to have internet access, and the ability to send extern
I've asked to my ISP 10 email accounts.

I want to install NTMail and WinGate in the same machine.
The internet connection is made with un dial-up connection, through a modem
which it is in the same machine.

Anyone knows how to configure NTmail and WinGate to work together?????

My ISP do not send me our inbound emails when I connect, so I have to
retrieve with Autodial or Pullmail.
Also, Autodial from NTMail don't seem to work. It never dials.
Anyone knows where to find PULLMAIL or knows how to make Autodial work?

In the same server machine, I have the DNS from microsoft installed.
I'd like that when a workstation makes a dns request, it first asks to
microsoft dns server, and if it is not an intranet dns request, then wingate
takes the request. how can i do that?