screen saver weirdness

screen saver weirdness

Post by Doug Geist » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00

Any ever hear of this?  A friend called and said that suddenly, the
screen saver doesn't work when the Win95 desktop is displaying. If you
have Word or some other app open, the screen saver works fine.

Weird, I know. Any thoughts?


1. Announce: Luke's Screen Saver v1.01 - create a screen saver

For those of you who want to create your own screen saver:
152332 bytes      Luke's Screen Saver I: Create a screen saver
Luke's Screen Saver I combines pictures and sounds to create a
colourful screen saver to brighten up your desktop as well as prevent
phosphor burn-in.  Any valid BMP, DIB, WMF or ICO picture file can be
used to bounce, slide or wobble around the screen.  You can use your
company's logo, your kid's drawings, scanned photos of your pets or
family members.

Features include: Extensive documentation, password protection,
disabled rebooting by CTRL-ALT-DEL, option to ignore the keyboard or
mouse, customizable speed, keep a log of actions including invalid
passwords and password timeouts, customizable background colour or
picture, configurable senditivity and a choice of either audio CD,
MIDI or WAV background music.

Special requirements: Windows 3.x or higher, VBRUN300.DLL (available
                      from Simtel.Net as has replaced

Shareware.  Uploaded by the author.

  _/     _/  _/ _/ _/  _/_/_/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

_/_/_/  _/_/  _/  _/ _/_/_/

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