How to get Print Queues to show when Server Hidden?

How to get Print Queues to show when Server Hidden?

Post by elst » Fri, 23 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have 'hidden' the NT Server.  Problem is that the print ques are also
on this box.  How can I get the print ques to show up in the network
neighborhood now?




1. Prints don't show/remain up in print queue.

I work in a small firm with about 60 comps networked through a server, I own
my work computer so I upgraded it Win XP pro, previously I was running Win2K
pro, when I plotted I could goto to the print queue and see my status, I
could even check the queue even if I didn't have a job to print, but just
wanted to view the printer usage. I upgraded my win2k, but when I print now
the printer Icon is in the task bar for about 2 seconds and poof its gone. I
goto printer to view the queue and it's blank, but all the other computers
will still see my print in the queue like mine used to, is there a setting I
have to set to see the print cue?

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