Serial Network Link between Linux & Windows NT

Serial Network Link between Linux & Windows NT

Post by Michael Roha » Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hi folks,

I am attempting to establish a simple network link between my two
systems (a Linux box and an NT 4 box) using the serial ports.  I had
hoped to simply run ppp over the serial line.

I have connected them and am able to log onto my Linux system over
the serial line using Hyper Terminal.

To setup the ppp link, I installed a "virtual" modem under NT for
direct PC to PC connection and used the Dial-up connection app (the
only thing that look vaguely like what I wanted to do).  I felt the
direct PC to PC connection would simple connect to the other system,
by-passing the modem initialization and dialing.  It does not. When
I try to establish a link using the virtual modem over the serial
line and cat the device on the Linux side ("cat /dev/ttyS0"), I get


and the dial-up connection fails.  I guess PC to PC connection uses
it's own (hidden?) protocol.

I feel I must surely be able to do this.  Does anyone know how?

Thanks, in advance,
Michael Rohan.


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