Upgrading and Netscape plug-ins?

Upgrading and Netscape plug-ins?

Post by Michael Bonn » Tue, 26 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I currently have Netscape 2.0b3 (which works fine BTW), and I want to
upgrade to 2.0b4.  When I do, will I have to reinstall all of the
Netscape plug-ins?  I have installed quite a few, and would not like to
reinstall all of them.  Also, is it better to just install 2.0b4 over my
existing Netscape, or uninstall 2.0b3 and then install b4 fresh?  Any
help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.  Please respond
by e-mail.  Thanks a lot.



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I am currently using Netscape 2.0 on Win 95.  Today I tried to d/l a
soundfile from an X-Files Web Site.  I got the message that the format
was unrecognized and was advised to find the appropriate plug-in from
the Netscape Web pages.  Having got this far, I then tried to download
an audio application but was unable to do so.

For some strange reason, instead of simply giving me the option of
saving the application to my HD, Netscape decided to 'view' it with
MPlayer.  The result was a funny little picture of the application in
the top right hand corner of my browser.  Clicking on this image was
equally ineffective.

I have not experienced these problems with Internet Explorer 2.0 or
3.0 or the previous version of Netscape.  I suspect that the problem
has something to do with file associations but there may be another

I would really appreciate some help in this matter as I am not at all
sure what to do (apart from nibble my nails and frob madly!).

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