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We are a education center and we use windows 95.
After every course we must reinstall every maschine.
For this case we tried to lock the system with the
POLEDIT but it doesnt work. You still can change
the system of the screen and the desktop.

can anyone please help me.

with kind regards

Wolfgang Kostyak


1. ieak poledit and registry

Back in May one of our professors set up and implemented security thru IEAK.
He has since left the school, leaving no documentation behind.

The CIS department is now trying to implement policies on our lab computers.
However, I get an error message that I cannot write to the Registry when I
attempt to save config.pol. We believe that the IEAK security is

Is there any way to disable the IEAK security, short of deleting it line by
line on each computer so that we can test the new policies.

Please help. We're on a deadline.


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