Protocol Analyzer Vendor List

Protocol Analyzer Vendor List

Post by Lawrence L. Baldwi » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

For those that are interested in Ethernet or Token ring protocol
analyzers I have compiled a pretty comprehensive list of both commercial
and non-commerical products.

This information is available on our new web site at:

Please email me any comments, corrections or suggestions.

Please note that I am currently limiting the list to protocol analyzers
that have packet decode capabilities for Ethernet and Token Ring

Many thanks to all who made suggestions regarding the first list I sent
a few weeks ago, including:

John Teague
Katie O'Brien
Michael Swan
Matthew Leeds
Eric Vyncke
Hansang Bae
Michael Jung
Jim Ballotti
Russell Mosemann
Gary Kidwell
Mitch Strobin

Lawrence Baldwin  - Network Analysis Services
System Management Tech., Inc.
voice: (718) 995-5542


1. Protocol Analyzer and NetWork Monitor

NetXRay is a true 32 Bit Application built for the Windows NT/Windows
95 environment and developed to assist Network Managers with the never
ending task of "managing the network".

NetXRay allows you to

  - See what is going on inside your network
  - How busy the network is
  - Where the bottlenecks are
  - Which hardware components are generating errors
  - How well applications are running

so that you can spot potential problems before they impact your

If you are interested in more information or obtaining an evaluation
copy, please contact us either by calling Future Com at(817) 590-0737
or email us with your workstation type (either NT or 95) and your
mailing address and we can send to you demo diskettes.

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