ras authentication

ras authentication

Post by jcor.. » Wed, 15 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have a windows nt 4.0 network with a PDC and a stand alone NT
Terminal server.  I am have a problem with ras.  when I dial in to the
PDC either with Dun or vpn I am being authenticated and have access to
all resources on the pdc but  I do not have access to my Terminal
server.  I can see it in network neighborhood but when I try to browse
it I get a message that says path is not available.  Please Help

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1. RAS Authentication Problems


We have been having a problem for awhile now with 95/98/2000 machines
dialing up into our Corporate Network and getting connected and all
but for whatever reason not authenticating.  It lets them in and shows
them connected but they aren't able to get into Exchange or AS400's.
They can randomly hang up and dial back in and it works.  This happens
on multiple pc's/laptops at random times.  A lot of times it will end
up locking them out and we have to go in and reset them.  We have
multiple RAS servers so we know it isn't one particular one causing
the problem.  And it doesn't seem to be a particular OS problem seems
to happen with them all.  Any ideas on what might be setup wrong?
This has been going on awhile but seemed to really hit big when we
first started implementing a password expiration.  And ever since then
it seems to have gotten big.  We have problems literally I would say
every day.

Thanks for any help and let me know if you need more information on
setup etc.  We are running NT 4 servers with SP 6a.  Some RAS servers
are using Comtrol Cards with modems and some are using Equinox ST64


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