Getting a server and client to run on a local pc network

Getting a server and client to run on a local pc network

Post by Rick Miranda (Intermedia B.V., Netherlan » Wed, 05 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have a small NOVELL pc network and would like to try an experiment. On one
of the workstations (486 with NE2000 ethernet card) I install Windows httpd
1.4. On another identical machine I have Trumpet Winsock 2.0 and Netscape 1.1
ready to go.

The goal: start the server software on the software machine and have the
clientmachine access the demo web pages on the server.

Peter Tattam in his Trumpet documentation suggests (it seems to me) that I need
only execute:

     ne2000 0x60 2 0x300
     winpkt 0x60

on the server before starting the server software and on the client before
starting Windows, followed by Trumpet Winsock, and finally Netscape.

Does this make sense? and if so, what does one do about specifying IP
addresses? My understanding is that this scheme should establish a dedicated
TCP-IP link between the two machines, regardless of what goes on in the rest of
the network.

(I need a server in order to test CGI scripts and imagemaps). Can anyone spare
a few moments to enlighten me on this abstruse matter?
R. Miranda
Intermedia B.V.
tel: Netherlands 1720-66783

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