ANNOUNCE: Novell Servers as WWW Servers

ANNOUNCE: Novell Servers as WWW Servers

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                                              Morgan Hill, CA
                                        September 15, 1995

    SoftNet WEBserv: The Complete Internet/WWW Solution for users of
                     Novell NetWare !!!

At last....your Novell 3.x and 4.x server can now function as a World
Wide Web (WWW) and FTP server and MUCH, MUCH more.

Puzzle Systems, a leading supplier of UNIX/Novell software integration
products has announced an exciting new Internet and network
connectivity solution for Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x organizations...
...the SoftNet WEBserv System.

Unlike products that merely allow Novell PC clients access to TCP/IP
resources, the SoftNet WEBserv System performs these functions and
MUCH, MUCH more while at the same time providing significant
server-based networking capabilities on the Host Novell server. Both
Novell PC users AND Novell servers can be full Internet/network
participants !!

James Leslie, Puzzle System's Director of Marketing stated, "The
SoftNet WEBserv System is designed for those organizations that have
Novell users as well as other TCP/IP networked systems who desire
Internet, World Wide Wev (WWW) and/or UNIX system connectivity access.
In addition, they would also find it beneficial having their Novell
servers function as WWW and FTP servers to incoming Internet users.
Many Novell servers are very powerful and the WEBserv product family
allows organizations to have the flexibility and security of using some
or all of the available WEBserv services on these platforms as
requirements dictate.

Instead of having a hodge-podge of Internet and network connections by
individual workstations, Novell administrators can save time and money
yet provide robust, faster, VERY secure, and centrally managed
Internet/network resource access services to their Novell as well as
their TCP/IP-only users through SoftNet WEBserv."


The SoftNet WEBserv System consists of FOUR elements: the WEBserv
Server Kit, the WEBserv Client Kit, the WEBserv ISDN Kit and the
WEBserv Serial Kit.

1. The WEBserv Server Kit is run as an NLM on the Novell 3.x/4.x server
and is the core portion of the SoftNet WEBserver System. It provides
the Novell server with WWW and FTP server functionality, full
incoming/outgoing firewall security protection, dynamic IP address
allocation and ensures that only Internet-legal IP addresses are used
when attempting Internet connections.

Both Novell PC's and TCP/IP-only PC's on a network can take advantage
of the services provided by the server functions offered by WEBserv
Server Kit.

2. The WEBserv Client Kit is the Novell PC portion of the SoftNet
WEBserv System. It is a Windows 3.x/Windows95 suite of TCP/IP
applications resident on the Novell PC which includes such features as
ping, FTP client, mail SNMP client, WWW browser, Internet news reader,
Telnet, IPX Tunneling, and terminal emulation.

VERY IMPORTANT: Wollongong's Emissary and Pathway, NetManage's
Chameleon, Esker's Tun, Distinct's TCP/IP, FTP's On-Net, WRQ's
Reflection, James River's ICE TCP, or virtually any other of the
DOS/Windows 3.x/Windows95 TCP/IP Internet applications run BEAUTIFULLY
with the SoftNet WEBserv Server Kit. The WEBserv Server Kit is
compatible with virtually ALL popular TCP/IP stacks as well as
applications.  If no TCP/IP applications or stacks are available, then
consider the WEBserv Client Kit for these needs.

The choice is yours.

3. The WEBserv ISDN Kit is an optional hardware ISDN card/drivers for
the host Novell server that provides ISDN connectivity services to the
host Novell server.

4. The WEBserv Serial Kit is similar to the WEBserv ISDN Kit but
provides a high-speed serial hardware interface card for the Novell
server to a serial modem.


Pricing and part nubmers will be finalized for all four components of
the SoftNet WEBserv System by 10 October 1995 . All SoftNet WEBserv
System components will be available for sale worldwide in November

For further information, contact Puzzle Systems by phone, FAX or email
at the below address.

Puzzle Systems Corporation                Phone:     (408) 779-9909
16360 Monterey Road, Ste. 250             FAX:       (408) 779-5058
Suite 250                                 BBS:       (408) 779-8297
Morgan Hill, CA 95037                     Tech Supt: (408) 778-6966


SoftNet, SoftNet WEBserv System, WEBserv Server Kit, WEBserv ISDN Kit,
WEBserv Client Kit and WEBserv Serial Kit are trademarks of Puzzle
Systems corporation. All other trademarks/tradenames are those of their
respective vendors.



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