Unicode-Problem, VB<->C-DLL using Typelib + CString

Unicode-Problem, VB<->C-DLL using Typelib + CString

Post by Martin Koppman » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 19:12:21


I want to pass a Unicode-String to a c-dll for fast manipulations with the

CString-class. Later I want to call other functions, only passing the
pointer to the CString. To avoid ANSI-conversions I made a typelib.
Unfortunately the returned

String is converted anyway.

I proved this by passing a string with japanese chars. The returned string

only contains '?' (AscW = 63, before AscW = 18789)


handle = InitializeString(sJapanese)  // nothing else is done between!

sReturned = GetString(handle)

Where is the Error? How can I avoid it?

Thank You very much for any hint,



the Typelib:

    module StringFunctions



     long __stdcall InitializeString(

      [in] BSTR Source);


     BSTR __stdcall GetString(

      [in] long rc);


the c-dll:

#define _Unicode

UINT __stdcall InitializeString(BSTR Source)


 CString *pCStr;

 pCStr = new CString(Source);

 return (UINT) pCStr;


BSTR __stdcall GetString(UINT sHandle)


 CString *pCStr = (CString*) sHandle;

 BSTR bstr = pCStr->AllocSysString();

 return bstr;



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